Posted by: Jeff True | January 10, 2009

Cole playing guitar on expert and singing at the same time.

This is usually what we get to see when we come home from work each day. It is pretty fun to watch, especially when he is doing two things and we only play one and fail. The worst thing is he is the one that saves us and we only play one thing at a time.

Posted by: Jeff True | January 3, 2009

New Years Eve for 2009

We had a Bunco party at the Shequin’s. Didn’t have the camera out but for just at the end of the night. I got a few shots of the fireworks that were launched. Still learning all the functions.







Totally legal fireworks!!!

Totally legal fireworks!!!

Posted by: Jeff True | January 3, 2009

A few of my pictures I took that I think people will enjoy.

I will be adding some pictures that I have taken that I would like to share.  I find myself now taking my camera no matter where I go.  You just never know what you will see.

In Portland while Holli was doing a Senior sitting

In Portland while Holli was doing a Senior sitting


Cole playing RockBand

Cole playing RockBand


Posted by: Jeff True | December 28, 2008

Family Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008 we all decided to get together Dec. 20th at Mom & Dad’s.  As all the families lives get busier and busier we decided that we better do a quick family photo since our lives change so fast. 

At Thanksgiving my sister Lisa told us that they were moving to Ketchikan, Alaska because her husband Earl found a job up there.  Earl moved up the Friday after Thanksgiving and my sister and niece packed up the house while he started his new job and found housing up there.  They decided to leave on Christmas day as the weather has been very bad up in the Northwest.  They needed to catch a ride on the ferry with the moving truck and their car.  They made it up to the ferry just fine.  I just got a phone call from my dad 15 min ago and the trip went fine until they got off the ferry and found nearly 3′ of snow and expected anywhere from 9″ to 17″ of snow tonight.  They tried to make it to their new house but could not make it.  Update will come soon once I get more news.














Posted by: Jeff True | December 18, 2008

Hiking trip with Cole

This last September 28th I really felt like going for a hike to a trail that I went on as a kid.  I called my brother to see what he was doing Saturday night and his family was out of town, I convinced him to go for a quick hike first thing in the morning.  I woke Cole up about 4:30 and tossed him in the Explorer  with a movie and took off up Hwy 126 towards Bend. 

We got to the McKenzie River Trail Head shortly after sunrise.  We started hiking towards Clear Lake.  One of the main things I remember was the man made log bridge.  It was a couple of miles in but pretty cool once we got there.  After crossing the bridge we went another mile to mile and a half and came across Clear Lake. This is where I took my picture of my header at the top of the screen, turned out alright I think.  If you ever get a chance to go hiking up there it is worth it, they have a picnic area across the freeway.  It’s fairly flat, Cole was able to walk the entire thing.

Attached is a couple of scenary pictures along with my son and brother.

Posted by: Jeff True | December 15, 2008

First Snow day Dec. 15th Addi’s birthday

The kids woke up ready to go play in the snow.  Addi was eating a bowl a cereal and Cole was not going to wait.  So I got him dressed and let him go in the front yard for a little bit.  Grandpa Rusty was out having a smoke and Cole threw a snowball at him so Grandpa said why don't you go run and dive in the grass.   See the picture was very funny for us but that ended Cole's morning snow playing.

Hope you enjoy

Posted by: Jeff True | December 12, 2008

Cole Visits Santa at VRC with his school

December 12th 2008 I went with Cole and his school to Valley River Center to visit Santa, and send off a letter in Santa’s Mail Box.  We got to go to the food court and have a snack with smoothie.  After that we went and played on the toys in the mall.  He sat up on Santa’s lap and asked for Headsets, PSP,  XBox360 , lots of games for them, real drum set, more controllers for Call of Duty 3.    

Posted by: Jeff True | December 9, 2008

The start of Blogging for me.

I decided to start a blog about me, my family and my interests.  A way for others to see what our crazy life is up to.  I plan on posting 1-2 times per week.  I will try and post pictures of us so everyone can see the kids grow up.

I have always had a interest in photography but never realy got into it until my wife started her photography business.  Now we shoot weddings together, and I occasionally go with her to do some of her local shoots around town.  I often like to just go and take random pictures of what I see.  I enjoy going  on a little hike with my 5 year old son and see what we come across.  Time does not always permit us to do that but hopefully it will change and we will get more of that in.  Cole also has a interest for a camera to be in his hands but also likes to be in the shoot.  Maybe some day Holli and I will just be his photographers while he goes on tour playing drums.

You will see posts of my bowling and equipment information.  I have not had much time to go bowl tournaments lately but that is changing.  I will keep you updated of tournament results as I make it to them.  I have been involved with “Demo Day’s” (a way to try a new release bowling ball before you buy a new one) for Ebonite, Columbia, Hammer & Track. Kind of like taking a car for a test drive before you buy.  We have just recently been notified that due to the economy my demos are on hold until things change.  Hopefully that will happen soon as I have really got into doing demos and meeting people from Seattle area to San Fransisco area.  Not only do they get to try a ball out but I also get a chance to help people out with their game.

Feel free to leave comments on anything whether it is about bowling or anything else.